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The Narconon drug education curriculum in video format and drug education materials.


Narconon Drug Education Program

You can now bring the Narconon drug education program into your classroom. The complete Narconon drug education curriculum in video format broken down into a six-session series.

Easy-to-use in the classroom included with worksheets and simple instructions on program administration.

Learn all about how to deliver Narconon's unique approach to educate teens about drugs. Also gain social insight about drugs and why kids take drugs.

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Narconon Science References & Background
Get a better understanding of the Narconon drug education and prevention program. This book presents a compilation of scientific documentation from doctors, researchers and professional scientists. The topics covered are: drug toxicity and drugs acting as poisons; the basic effects of drugs; alcohol, tobacco and the media; drug residues and metabolites in the body; the nutritional deficiencies drugs create and the mental effects of drugs on memory, emotions, etc. Additionally, this book provides information on the subject of drug education and its importance in society.
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10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs
Help young kids get a clear picture of how drugs affect the mind, body and a person's life with this illustrated booklet.

Exposes the most common false information that kids may have about drugs in a fun easy-to-read format.
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Drug Facts and Their Harmful Effects
Booklet full of information about different drugs and their harmful effects.

Thorough research has been done to bring you the most up-to-date information including short-term/long-term effects, drug street names, signs and symptoms of drug use and much more.
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Talking to Kids About Drugs
Informational booklet covering the different types of drugs and their harmful effects and tips to help parents and caregivers talk to kids about drugs in a way that he or she will listen and understand.

Help your kid live a drug-free life.
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Narconon Drug Education Presentation Scripts
Now you can use the exact drug education scripts used by the top Narconon drug education specialists.

Easy-to-follow manual to help you get started delivering effective drug education lectures to schools or other community groups.
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